September is always an exciting time as it is a time for new beginnings, the summer has ended and fall is upon us, and it is a time where people start to go into hibernation mode and become focused on their goals and aspirations.

This month is almost a new year for many people as they start a new school year with new wardrobes or the fall clothes are brought out. It has the energy of January but with more energy of being grounded.

When we start heading into October the energy sometimes starts to wane as we prep for Halloween and the holiday season. The goals are pushed aside just to move through each day. The long-term vision is at the back of the mind nagging at you but the day to day is more important.

Here are three ways to keep the momentum and excitement going throughout the entire fall season.

  1. I personally don’t like routine but I have found there is freedom in routine. I find myself having more time to do things I want because I scheduled in what I need to do. The routine allowed for things to happen more quickly and easily so there was more time in my day. Check my ideal schedule blog on how I established routine. It is important for me to have me time in the morning so that I fill myself up first therefore can give more to others throughout the day.
  2. Vision board and post-it notes with your goals/intentions written out. I love making my vision board and staring at it. The vision board is made of images of things you want to manifest into your life. Sometimes I have created my vision board with paints as it was more fun to create. I also have post-it notes with goals and intentions written out and scattered throughout my home, office and car. Even though I don’t read them every time, my brain is reminded of what is written on the piece of paper so it is a trigger to keep in alignment to my goals.
  3. Schedule in fun time. This is so important. The summer is a time where most people are having the most fun, there are bbq’s, beach time and more hang outs. It is important to continue this fun all year round. Ask yourself, how much social time do you need to feel fulfilled and happy? For some people it is once a week and for some its 2-3 times with different people. It is good to add variety into life so you are energizing yourself in different ways. It will allow you to stay focused and motivated while you are enjoying life to the fullest.