Alignment to your true self includes prioritizing focus
By: Manpreet Dhillon

Focus is personally a dreaded word for me. My personality type as per the Business Chemistry, Myers Briggs, and Strength Finders are all point to the fact that I have great vision and multiple ideas yet having me focus on one thing at a time is like strangling me with boredom.

Even I know there is magic in focus.

One of the tools that our team members use to create focus and sustained change in our lives, is the wheel of life. The Veza Wheel of Life is all-encompassing and more elaborate than the ones available online, as we included a few categories that we feel are important to us, including sisterhood and brotherhood. These additions were done because we need to have strong support systems in our lives to truly thrive.

The Wheel of Life is a magical system that allows us to be honest with ourselves of what area of life we need to really focus our attention on, what areas are going well (sometimes we focus only on the areas that are going well – it feels rewarding, we have momentum. That is great, however our Wheel of Life can only be strong and powerfully moving forward when we are aligned in all aspects of our life. Imagine a wheel with a variety of lengths of spokes… hmm…) The Wheel of Life allows us to decide what would allow us to be self-focused and prioritize what would bring us to our best lives.

Here is the Veza Wheel of Life for your use. Download it, mark it up honestly as to “what level of alignment are you in within each area?” Then pick the lowest three areas and set three inspired actions for each of those to be completed in the next three months. In three months time, redo the exercise to focus on the next three areas. Doing this for one year, you will see a massive shift in your life.

We would love to hear from you what change this Wheel of Life brought for you. Also, at anytime if you would like support on putting together your action plan, please schedule a 1/2 hour coaching consult so we can provide some resources for you and possible next steps.