Your mind can really mess with you. We tell ourselves that we need to be aware of external enemies but really sometimes our mind is our biggest enemy. The worst part is that it is a part of you. It is you. So really you can be your own worst enemy.

The mind is really a beautiful thing. It has the power to make you believe anything you want. But that is the thing…ANYTHING.

I will be starting a rant/vent/expression of how much I love my mind but sometimes it really needs a check! Can you relate?

Scenario 1: At times…it is positive, it is expansive and it will come up with solutions that I never imagined were possible. It is all in there! It has so many ideas, it’s actually quite amazing.

Scenario 2: Other times, it will make up scenarios, make me fearful of really nothing or make me question myself.

Having the strong mindset to decipher the two is so needed otherwise scenario 2 can lead you into a downward spiral.

I realized something the other day. It is something I knew but sometimes when you are in Scenario 2, it is hard to remember the good things.

Scenario 1 is usually when I am leading from my heart. My mind isn’t involved. My heart is expansive, positive and just knows things. My heart is actually stronger than my mind. I just wasn’t taught how to live from my heart. From the society, I was taught how to live from my mind.

Argh….why weren’t we taught how to live from the heart? Life would be so much easier!!

Luckily now I have the tools to live from the heart. Through meditation, Akashic records (the records of your soul with all past life and this life information – side note: I am a teacher and a consultant of these records: If you are interested in learning more – message me:) and through coaching, I have been taught to live from my heart. I was able to uncover how to be stronger in all areas of my life where my mind was putting fear or limiting me.

So my suggestion to you is: “LIVE FROM YOUR HEART!!” Life will be so much easier that way! You will have more positive relationships with your self and others, you will make decisions where you are happier and you will feel joy all the time, well most of the time but there will be joy there.

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It’s time now to live from a place of happiness, expansiveness and joy…don’t you think?