The fall is a beautiful time to bring out the beauty in each and every being on this earth. Fall is a time to ground into the creation before we step into the depths of the winter and freshness of the spring. The fall is a beautiful time to reset, refocus and re-engage on what it is that you wanted to create in this year. This is the time of year that you can accomplish more than you expected in the four months that lie ahead.

Those who see themselves as a leader or are choosing to see themselves as leaders have set themselves up for success. Yes, I know this is triggering to those who are not fully identifying as leaders. I believe there is a leader in each and every one of you. Something inside you does stand out. Something inside you allows you to show this world that you are meant to be here. Something inside you that shows your beauty regardless of the circumstances around you.

You are a leader!

I believe in you. I believe in the value you bring to the world. So it is time for you to see it. It is time for you to step fully into your power and say “YES! I am ready to take action on my dreams!” Really, why have you been stopping yourself?

You didn’t grow up in a household where women were powerful? Well break free of that mold!

You don’t see the people are you stepping into their leadership? Well, who cares what they are doing…focus on those people who you admire and you know are doing what it takes to step their game up. Hire those people, surround yourself with them, pay them for their knowledge so they can support you to your greatness, become friends with people who are up to amazing things and inspire yourself daily through your morning ritual and interesting talks.

Yes, this fall is your time. Your shine to do all that you want to do. You have been laying the foundation, well now it is the time to take action.

Need support and guidance on what to do next. Message me, message your mentor, message someone who can be that soundboard, provide the insight and hold you accountable.

No more playing small. This fall is about you and your power.

Let’s see you fully bloom.