We aren’t all perfect. We all have amazing attributes to ourselves and we also have our downfalls.

One of my lessons I need to master in this life is to stay out of the “poor me” stage. I know it oh so well. Years of self indulgence in “why isn’t life working out for me” and “I should be there by now” as well add a few other thought patterns of “God must hate me,” “why must I suffer,” and the best one “why does no one love me!” The irony of the last one always makes me laugh as it is usually after a morning of conversation with many loved ones.

It is such a slippery slope to get caught up into victim mentality. Then we want some to rescue us and then we become resentful when they try, then we feel more like a victim. It is a tiring process.

Over the years I have learned to master shifting out of these victim thoughts. I realized the easiest shift is when I contribute or am service or bring in gratitude for everything that is present in my life at that moment.

Some days it is harder to recognize that the victim mode is back. It comes back with a vengeance usually triggered by an incident that I perceived to be a certain way based on past programming.

What are some past programs that are running your life? How are they impacting you? What do you do to shift out of them? Comment with your solutions below, I would love to hear what you do.