It was quite the weekend. It was my two day seminar: Into Essence: Create the freedom you desire and game plan you need. The experience was amazing. The women were engaged and towards the end they had open minds and hearts. The most amazing thing was to have these women be in their hearts. As many of us on a regular basis, we are in our heads. There is just something about being in our heart and making decisions from there. The ease that comes from making decisions from your heart really does allow you to have a fuller life and witnessing that on the weekend was really a miracle.


The reflection after the letting go ceremony.

The reflection after the letting go ceremony.

It was such a pleasure to lead, facilitate, witness and guide the insights, awareness and the letting go. I feel so incredibly grateful for having this opportunity.

While I was leading the seminar, it was quite a learning experience for me as well. It was quite a beautiful experience as I was able to step outside my own needs to be of service to those in the room. What I learnt from being of service was:

1. When I am fully present for others, I live from my heart with a lot of love. I noticed that the entire weekend when I was being really present, I didn’t think about what was going on in my life. I was really content and fulfilled with the moments and even for days after the seminar.

2. It is so important to have fun while we are diving in deep to have major shifts and awareness. I do feel that there could have been more fun in the workshop. We danced and had great heart-connecting conversations which is different than my usual fun. I personally really would have loved to laugh more and enjoy the experience even more than I did. I find laughter just makes everything so much better and easier.

3. People want connection. People really want to connect with others but many of us are lacking that. Sometimes we are so caught up in our stories and not in our hearts that we forget how to connect. Connection can come easily as taking a few deep breaths before you start talking to someone.You will notice yourself more relaxed and calmer getting into the conversation.

I am sure over the next couple of days there will be more awareness for me. I am really looking forward to the Relationship Support Circle coming up on September 28th to see what transpires then.