Recently, I finished a fabulous life changing trip to Nepal where I had the opportunity to volunteer with a fabulous group of women from Canada and the US. It was a volunteer trip where we had the opportunity to serve the women of the Indrayanil Women’s Center through workshops.

One of the biggest lessons I learned was about love. It was not what I was expecting to learn about during this trip. I thought the trip would be learning more about the culture, the people and my passions rather I learned about that all and love as well.

Love is one of those things we know is present in our lives but we don’t always feel it. When we are in our head, deattached from our hearts we don’t always feel everything that is around you or within you. Our thoughts get in the way of actually feeling the emotions.

This trip moved me back into my heart as I wasn’t able to communicate with my mind as there was a language barrier. I needed to communicate through body language more than anything. In order to utilize body language effectively, I had to remain connected to my heart. Through this connection, I was able to effectively create beautiful relationships with these women that I had just met. There were no stories of the past, it was all about being present with each other. It was a great reminder of when we let go of our stories, how easy it is to create beautiful relationships purely on love and presence.

Also, I was reminded that there was so much unconditional love for myself within me that I had not accessed due to my own mind chatter. I had made up stories about myself based on circumstances. As I moved more into my heart, I realized how much love I had for myself that I hadn’t accessed for a long time. The special connection we have with ourselves can truly be accessed with we are living from our hearts as it allows us to truly feel our feelings.

Living in the western world where there are demands, busyness, lots of work to do, how does one live from their heart so how does one bring back these amazing experiences we have when traveling abroad back home to North America?

  1. Move your body. Whatever you need to do to feel the blood flowing in your body do it. This helps you to feel your surroundings, your emotions and the emotions of others. Many times we fear feeling our feelings as there are those who feel drained by others. It is important to have techniques and tools to help protect your energy by bringing in the good feelings and being aware of what feelings are those of other’s. Moving your body helps you keep your energy clear, protected and strong in deciphering what energy you want to feel.
  2. Do what you are excited about and passionate about. This allows you to stay connected to your purpose and your why which keeps you connected to your heart. You will want to feel the happiness in your heart as you contribute to the world. It will make your heart a more beautiful place to live from.
  3. Be aware of your body language. Our communication is 70% of our body language. We use our body to communicate truly what we are feeling and what we want to say. It is important to be aware of your stance, hands and positioning as a way to truly be present in the conversation. Be aware of what you are communicating through your body.

Take the next five days to become more aware of if you are living in your heart or from your head. Allow yourself to live from your heart and see what miracles are present. I would love to hear how this experience of living from your heart is and what miracles showed up. Please email me here to give me the update!