I had made a last minute decision to come to India two weeks. It is last minute as I decided to leave within two weeks and go for one month. Miraculously, all of my projects and coaching relationships aligned to allow me to either honor my commitments from India or when I came back, this taught me that the universe does truly align when we make a decision and know in our heart it is our highest good.

The last time I came to the Athreya Ayurvedic Resort in Kottayam, Kerala was in January 2012 and August 2010. At that time I was suffering from a debilitating back pain that had me in bed for 7 months out of three years. In my first visit, I walked out of the back pain forever. The second visit was more a cherry on top. This visit is more of physical detox and cleanse as I have been doing so much spiritual, emotional and mental work that I needed to bring the physical into alignment.

Injury has taught me that it is just not physical. My back pain was a combination of feeling unsafe, insecure, not living my purpose. It was an important lesson for me to listen to my body and the messages I receive.

Have you noticed that when you breathe into a pain in your body, awareness may arise?

Every time I make a decision that I am going to be healthy, pain free or anything in that manner, I notice that “miraculously” I am. I have been a strong believer in that power is in the mind and that is proven to me on a day to day.

A decision sometimes is not make any decision at all but that it still a decision. A decision allows us to send a clear message of what we really want so that we can receive it.

What decision do you want to make for yourself in this moment? What have you been going back and forth on but know the answer that is in your highest good?

I made a decision two weeks ago to bring my physical into alignment with everything else. I am sitting here jetlagged at the resort, sore from my treatment today but overjoyed that I have been supported in my decision.

Manpreet Dhillon, MA, CHRP is Founder/Essence Coach with Into Essence Professional Coaching. She is a Certified Personal and Executive Coach with a background in Organizational Management as well as a Certified Akashic Records Consultant.