This February, all month long, we’re honouring the work of 28 inspiring leaders. Women who are drawing upon and celebrating their culture while making a lasting difference in their community using their gifts. From authors and teachers, CEOs to entrepreneurs, not-for-profit directors, artists, and more, these women are changing the face of leadership.

These are truly women to watch and veza community is so pleased to share their brilliance.

May their stories inspire YOU to rise.

Meet Nadia Baboo.

Nadia grew up in Mississauga, ON, and now lives in Vaughan. She is a loving mother, partner, and family member to a crazy blended crew, as well as being a dance mom, basketball wife, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed Diva. Nadia has been involved in the beauty and image industry for almost 30 years and has worked for major cosmetic labels and fashion companies in sales, public relations, and training & development. She now has her own personal image consulting business and has worked with public, private, and non-profit organizations, coaching their staff and executives alike. She has had her writing published both online and in print, and she has appeared on local television talk shows. Nadia loves to help women discover their Inner Diva, and believes that as we move on in our lives, we should never let that Diva go: we should only make her stronger.

Nadia is a woman who is comfortable with who she is, but is always open to learning and growth. She values family, health, and spirituality, and although she is usually confident, she accepts that she isn’t perfect. Nadia is independent, outgoing, and compassionate, and believes we should live each day in happiness.

So tell us, Nadia: What inspires you most? What motivates you to get up every morning?

Knowing I have people around me who love me and depend on me. Knowing that I have the freedom to live my life on my own terms.

How do you feel that your actions teach or inspire others?

I try to inspire women to take care of themselves first. I didn’t do this myself for the longest time, and it affected my relationships with myself and with other people. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we’re no good to anyone else. No matter how I’m feeling, I put myself together, smile, and thank God that I have another day to create something positive.

What is one change you’d like to see in the world?

I think the change I want to see is already happening. I want to empower more young women to take charge of their own lives: to live authentically and passionately and always seek to help other women do the same.

Which of your contributions to date have given you the greatest sense of pride?

Aside from raising two amazing kids who I’m confident will inspire the world in their own way, I am proud to work in a profession that empowers women to feel good about themselves, both inside and out.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Nadia! Learn more about her work and stay connected via Facebook: thedivalifestyle, Twitter: @livethedivalife, and Instagram: @livethedivalife

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