Our relationship with money and men are interwined. I know it may sound weird, but it is true.

I am all about healing our relationship with money, men and being feminine. I truly feel that it will change the world for the better as focus on ourselves.

I healed my relationship with money. It was the best feeling in the world when I paid the last of the $50,000 debt in under 3 years! Yes, it is completely possible.

Then I went back into scarcity and went into debt again.

Then I healed my relationship more than ever before and now, am happily debt free for over 2 years.

As I healed my relationship with money, I noticed my relationship with men started improving. I felt more respected. I felt I valued myself more. I felt that I owned my knowledge and what I had to offer. All my relationships were on my terms now and were what I wanted.

I focused today’s video on debunking the myth of femininity and what it really means to be feminine. This all relates to our relationship with money and men as well. Enjoy the video!


Excited to heal your money story and your relationship with men: