As some cultures celebrate diwali and others celebrate the new moon and solar eclipse, we are reminded today we are in a constant state of regeneration, rebirth and transformation. We are also light beings, where we have a light inside us that is intended to shine so brightly that it continously illuminates our pathways to the most joy, success and abundance.

The light inside you was designed to shine. Babies have this light shining at the most purest forms. As each day passses, we learn programming, belief systems and pick up the energies of others which may dim our light. For myself, I used to walk into rooms and after about 15 minutes feel overwhelmed with other peoples energies and emotions. I had a belief that this was how I was to help the world by taking on other people’s energies and emotions.

When I learnt techniques and tools to stay in my own power and have boundaries, it was a rebirth of many of my friendships and relationships. I was able to see who I really was and who others were. I was able to connect better to my own self which allowed me to show up in situations happier than I had ever been. What shift happened in your life that allowed a type of rebirth for you?

So on this day of new beginnings, decide what you want to let go of and what you want to bring in? Also how can you bring in support for what you want to bring in?