I think my parents think they are still dating.

They are on an adventure where they are camping in tents in the deserts, playing dress up, dancing and riding camels and on top of it all, my mom is rubbing it in how they love being in vacation mode all the time.

In every conversation with her, she reminds me of how much fun they are having, how fabulous the people they are meeting and how happy they feel.

At first I was envious, thinking to myself “I want that too.” I actually felt jealous and resentful that they were out there enjoying themselves and I am working and stuck in rainy Vancouver.

After being miserable for a little while, it struck me that I have a choice. In the last week, I was able to connect with new and old friends and I felt really happy because I was doing things that made me smile and happy. It was all perception and how I wanted to view life.

I could have continued to be jealous and made a rash decision to have a quick fix to making myself feel better which could have included eating unhealthy food to numb my emotions or book a trip to somewhere hot.

My second option was to acknowledge all the good things already in my life and be grateful for what was happening around me and for me. I had taken the quick fix routes for years and I had come to realize it was the perseverance, long term commitment to my own goals and my lifestyle and the daily acknowledgement of gratitude/love/intentions that has supported me to have the life that I want. Yes there are moments when I am jealous of my parents and their fabulous lifestyle:) Overall, the ups are longer than the downs.

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