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Wisconsin Temple Shooting –Educating the Community as South Asians

Vancouver, BC, August 6, 2012 — In wake of the devastation of the Wisconsin Gurdwara (temple) shooting, it has become clear that as individuals in this society we must educate those around us as to how our identity is created and what this identity means.

As a South Asian, the call to stand in solidarity with those who follow the Sikh religion and lead a movement of greater cultural understanding is more crucial than isolating ourselves behind religious affiliations. The solidarity can be shown by educating the communities that we live in on the topics of creation of identity. An identity created on a foundation of beliefs that include equality, leadership and one God. It is important to rise to the challenge of leading by peace and understanding.  Some actions that can be taken include:

  1. Research to have a deeper understanding of the foundations of this spiritual religion, called Sikhism. Establish an understanding of what the principles of the religion are and become aware of how those principles are and are not practiced within the community.
  2. Engage in conversations with Asians and non-South Asians on the tragedy in Wisconsin. Through these conversations raise the awareness of this incident, as by creating awareness we educate and education allows us to take a stand to prevent these types of activities in the future.
  3. Educate others about your culture and your background. Education and conversation about who we are and how we came to be helps to increase understanding which in turn leads to decreased racism.

The need to take action for the betterment of society is greater than the need to isolate ourselves based on categorization such as religion.

Manpreet Dhillon is an advocate for cross-cultural understanding to create a deeper sense of empowerment for South Asian Women. She is a personal and business empowerment coach, corporate culture consultant and the co-founder of Be Your Own Best Friend, a networking platform for South Asian.

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