Sometimes life sucks. Things don’t go our way. You try everything. Changing yourself. Changing circumstance. Taking action. Doing the right thing. Doing the meditations. Affirmations. Everything. It is tiring thinking of everything that you have done to make it better. No matter what you do the situation doesn’t change.

When you get to this place. It is time to be quiet and go inwards. Listen to what the guidance your heart is telling you. Listen to where your gut is leading you. Listen to the voice of reason. Then take one step. Only one step. It may be contacting someone who can help you. It may be sharing your story with someone as they may have guidance. It may be doing nothing.

Listen to your heart. Really that is what it comes down to. It will always work out. Yes, you may have to change behaviours or a deep belief but the external will change as you shift the internal. It is bound to happen. I promise you that.

Listen to your heart and take that one action today.

Love and light,

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