We are often looking to create massive change in our lives – adding new things because we are just not happy with our current job, role, or personal situation. 

When we are feeling like this, we notice that all we see when we look around are the reasons why we should make the change. It really is the case of what you focus on becomes true.

One of the important lessons that I was reminded of recently is that sometimes what we need is right in front of us. It is just a matter of making time and space. 

A few months ago, I watched the documentary Minimalist. It kickstarted my reflection at that time on how much stuff I was buying and really had me dive into why was I accumulating things. As I reflected, I realized I had done this years ago when I wasn’t happy with a job I was in. I had started to buy things as temporary solutions to make myself feel better and have a dopamine hit. It was easier than looking at the situation I was in and seeing the necessary steps I needed to take in my own life to make a change. 

I personally was reminded of this lesson again through the minor task of unpacking. I moved two years ago and until very recently, most of my stuff was still in boxes until. Over the last few weeks, I have been spending time unpacking and I started to find things that I had kind of forgotten that I had. It spoke to how much stuff I had accumulated over the years. Some things I had duplicates of because I forgot what I already had and bought another one. How often do we not see what we already have while still seeking more of it? But if we paused for a moment to reflect on our current blessings and take stock of our lives, would we see that we already have what we need?

One of the feelings that kept coming up was the amount of abundance I was in that I hadn’t realized. As I rediscovered old clothes, books, gifts and other treasures, I was in awe of how much abundance I live in – an abundance in which I can “lose” things for two years and not miss them. 

I remember when I had left that job that I wasn’t happy in, this is the question I was posed at that time. As I reflected on that question and started to look for the blessings, I had a sense of calm with the job I was in. Within one month of having that calm, I was working in a brand new position with more money and advancement along my career path. It really is true: when we start to see the blessings is when we are really ready for the change. 

This can be applied to your current situation too: what abundance and blessings are available in your current situation that would bring you inner peace if you (truly) saw them?

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