Recently, I have been really looking money in the eye to ensure that I will reach my money goals for this year.

For me it was important to recognize what I really want out of life and what steps I will take to get it? In the past, I have done the vision board, the goal setting and intentions but I didn’t always take action as I knew I should. Have you ever been in the same boat too?

To shift out of this planning stage into action stage, I took a few steps that I will share with you here:

1. Looked money in the eye! I looked at my budget and really spent time on analyzing where I was spending a lot of money and where I was investing.

2. I looked at what I wanted out of life and how do I really want to feel. There were a few leaps of faith that I will have to take in order to really achieve all that I want and those leaps would require an investment. I had to ask myself, how ready am I to make an investment in myself? My answer was a resounding very ready!

3. I paniked a little as I didn’t know how I was going to be supported. I also realized that I have always been able to attract money when I needed so how would this time be any different? A friend reminded me that everything that I currently wanted was somehow or the other paid for or I had the money lined up for. I realized quickly I didn’t really need to worry.

The budgeting, settling into the feeling, calling in support and most importantly I devised an action plan of how I would move forward. As soon as I took action in one area, many other things fell into place. Planned and inspired action allows us our biggest rewards. What action are you ready to take right now?

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