As we are getting ready for the holiday season and the new year, at the back of our minds we are reflecting on what went well and what didn’t this year.

As I was working through the goal setting guide exercises, I started thinking about what had worked for me and what didn’t work for me when things weren’t going my way or as planned.

It has been a year of change for me. From leaving a company I love to taking two months to connect with myself/others to growing my company then picking up and leaving to come to the Netherlands for a few months (more on that move here).

It wasn’t a year that I had planned for myself at all. I had happily set my intentions to be more grounded in Vancouver, have a full time job and work on my business part-time and was trying to set up a routine for myself.

That all went out the window in March. I had to quickly readjust my planning for the year as I changed my mind. One thing I have learned is that going with the flow allows me to have a more fulfilling life.

It is hard though sometimes when I am not living my life according to the plan that I had. I get frustrated, angry at the universe for leading me down unconventional paths as I am trying to fit into the “normal” life but I quickly realized there is no normal, there is no conventional and at the end of the day we all have different paths.

So what do you do when things aren’t going as planned….go inside.

Yes, go in and listen to your heart.

Your heart and your body have all the wisdom you need.

Personally, when I am not able to access my own wisdom is when I hire a coach to work through those blindspots and support me while I acknowledge my own truth. The coaches help hold a mirror up to me so I can really see what is going on, they are a great soundboard as I work through what is going on in my head so I can listen to my heart and they are great for accountability so that I do take the steps that I said I would.

Some key meditation/reflection points that I really like to focus on:

1.What do I really want…like really really want. 

This question helps me acknowledge what my true desire is and makes me aware if I am attached to a person, outcome or situation. The most important reminder is there is always more than one best thing for you. When we think there is only one, we are actually in scarcity so a good reminder for me is that option is One of Many. Thanks to Mark Groves for that reminder.

2. Why Do I want it?

The ‘Why’ is so so important as that is what allows us to take the actions even though we are scared and we are fearful that we won’t get what we want. The Why inspires a fire inside of us that it is so necessary to use as fuel, it drives us and motivates us to create what we really want.

3. What do I need to believe I can have it?

When you believe that it is possible for you, it is important to remember that you are meant for this. You are meant to have what you truly desire if it is in your highest good. In terms of career, you may have to reinforce why people should invest in you, why people should believe that you are more than qualified and why people should pay you for your insights/motivations.

4. What is a strategy or new way to approach the attraction of what I want?

There is always a third option that you may have thought about but you haven’t explored yet. That option will allow you to have more momentum to attract what you want. How do you figure out what that option is…brainstorm ideas and when the ideas stop brainstorm some more. You will be shown a new way to attract the sales, who to contact, what physical action you must take to make your desires a reality.

5. If I was talking to God or Source, what he/she tell me or guide me to do?

Ask for guidance and you will receive it. The guidance and wisdom we receive when we listen is so critical to our success. The guidance and wisdom is always there, we just need to remember to access it.

6. Take inspired action including adopting the new belief systems

This is the key point – inspired action and the daily reminders of your new belief systems. Decide on the timing of those three things that you know will move you forward.

As this all started with the goal setting guide, I am including the meditation that supports the goal setting guide here as well. If you don’t have the guide download, now is the time. Download here.

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