How many times have you realized that you are fearing that you don’t have enough? The bank account seems a little low, the wallet is only heavy with credit cards and you know there are upcoming bills?

Sometimes, it is a matter of going into our heart and asking “How can be taken care of?” or “How can I bring in the funds that I need?” It is important to be clear with how much you need and when you need it by.

It amazes me as I walk in the Downtown Eastside that many atimes these individuals live on pure faith that they will be taken care of. Those of us who seem to have it all, live in more fear than those who don’t have as much as we do in material goods.

How can you bring in more faith into your life? Well it starts with a simple tool of budgeting first to know how much you need first, then drawing up action items of how to put into motion in order to bring it in.

The simple tools I enjoy using for personal use include Royal Bank My Finances Tool and Both have budgeting included as well as categorize expenses so that you are aware of where you are spending your money.

For business, I am a fan of Quickbooks. I find it easy to use and it gets the job done.

From having these tools or a bookkeeper, it takes the guessing game away so that you are more in control of your expenses.

Asking yourself the questions of “how can I increase my income,” will allow you to be more creative with your possibilities.

Money comes in different forms. If you believe you are supported and have faith you will be taken care of, I am sure you will.