I see all these women who are FREAKING AMAZING! They are smart, talented, beautiful and have such big hearts.

When I start to talk to them, inside they are not feeling like that at all. They feel a victim to circumstance, pressured by their families, feel that they have to compromise on what is important to them so that everyone else is happy.

Really, how long as females are we going to continue living like this?!!?

I know some of you who know me are thinking, “well you are single. It is easy for you. All you do is think about yourself.”

Far from it, I still have the questions of why I am not married, I still have to look after organizations and large projects. You may have human children, while I have business/project children. They are my babies that need constant attention. I am also in relationship. I am in relationship with myself, God, my parents, family members, friends, business colleagues, etc. Yes I do know it is different when you are in a relationship, well dating is even more difficult. You are constantly having to put yourself out there, feel your insecurities of “Is he going to like me? Am I going to like him?” and the cycle continues until you feel like you hit the jackpot but realize a few months in that wasn’t the jackpot that you were looking for. So this rant is taking me away from how you can be that powerful woman you have always been.

The point of my rant was to show you that no one has it easier than anyone else. The grass is always greener on the other side.

No matter what the circumstance, you can be that powerful woman that you have always wanted to be. She lives inside of you. Unleash her. Let her come out. Let her free!

What does it mean to be a powerful woman? This is different for everyone.

For me, a POWERFUL WOMAN is:

  • A woman who knows what she wants and will find the way to get it. (sometimes not getting what we want is a blessing, so she is aware of that as well).
  • A woman where her money is invested, she has investments and she has a budget. She manages her money well.
  • A woman who is in relationship because she wants to be not because she feels pressured to be. She may have decided to stay single and she owns that.
  • A woman who acts in ways that express her truth. She will speak her truth in situation, in a kind manner but she will speak her truth.
  • A woman who knows when she needs to take a stand and she will take a stand.
  • A woman who is kind, caring, and allows others to take care of her too. This is powerful because she knows she doesn’t have to do everything on her own.
  • A woman who knows what her boundaries are. She does what feels right for her and says No if it doesn’t. She treats herself with the uttermost respect and honour.
  • A woman who loves freely and receives love freely too.

Ignite this powerful woman inside of you now! Yes Now! Let her free. A woman may purr like a cat but she can roar when she needs to.



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