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Veza Global

Veza focuses on bringing tools and resources to build diverse and inclusive teams leveraging cultural diversity, diverse abilities and promoting diverse populations in leadership. 

At Veza, we help organizations create workplaces that empower everyone to thrive as leaders through Diversity & Inclusion focused consulting, coaching, and workshops.

Inclusive teams make better business decisions 87% of the time.

– Data from 2017 Clovertop Research, “Hacking Diversity”

Our Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is more that a buzz-phrase. It’s a powerful way to build team resilience, foster innovation, and drive profitability. 

We’ll work with your organization to create and implement a successful diversity and inclusion strategy—one that attracts, retains, and respects the diverse leaders it needs for growth.

Assess, measure and transform your organization’s diversity and inclusion in one hour with our equity, diversity and inclusion assessment tool combined with an audit of your current practices and policies with recommendations on how to move forward on your equity, diversity & inclusion maturity journey. 

At Veza, we coach women from culturally diverse backgrounds to support their leadership journey.

You’re nervous to speak up in the boardroom.
You’re looking to redefine your career.
You want to grow your business.
You want to learn a new skill.
You’re eager to meet like-minded women.

Our programs and events offer professional women expert guidance on how to silence self-doubt, challenge societal expectations, and overcome imposter syndrome. From group masterminds, to one-on-one coaching, to community events, Veza offers opportunities for growth at every career stage.

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