Let’s say you have a dream career in mind. Great!

So what’s next?

Now it’s time to determine what you need to do in order to make this dream a reality. You need to know what steps will actually lead you to successfully achieving your goals.

The good news is, those steps are pretty simple (though not always easy).

Let’s take a moment now and explore the five simple steps you need to take in order to make your dream career, or any dream you have really, a reality.

TIP:  Be sure to keep a notepad or your journal handy so you can write down what comes up in the moment as you go through each step. You’ll want to reflect on these notes later as you work towards manifesting your goal.

Step 1: Visualize and Meet Your Future Self

First and foremost, centre yourself, and take a deep, slow breath.

Breathe right into your heart. Do this a few times, and then imagine that you’re standing in front of yourself three to five years from now.

That “you” is in your ideal career: the one you’ve always dreamed about.

As you visualize yourself, try to embody the emotions that you’d feel if you were in that position.

How do you feel?

What’s going on around you?

What impact are you making on the world now?

Take a moment to ask your future self these questions and about your dream career. Then write down whatever comes to mind about all the things you’re longing to do, career-wise. Let the words flow and don’t stress about tidiness as you’re writing: this is spirit-fuelled free-flow right now.

What you’re doing here is connecting to your VISION. You’re getting clear on who you’d like to become and helping your brain visualize it as real.


Step 2: Make a Wish List

Next, write down all the companies you’ve wanted to work for, individuals you’ve wished to work with, and all the jobs you’ve wanted (or even applied for).

Then, take a moment and eliminate those that you feel no longer resonate with your Future Self.

Be absolutely honest and authentic with your answers, and then write down the ones that still remain as options that you’re truly enthusiastic about.

Consider how these options  fit into your three-to-five-year vision and which of these 3 you wish to make real?


Step 3: Listen to Your Heart

Now it’s time to take a moment and connect in to your heart.  

This is where you quiet your mind and ask your heart to reveal the action steps that are needed to make your dream a reality. This is going to feel really counterintuitive to everything you’ve been taught and it may take a little while for the responses to happen… but they are there. As a woman and Feminine Leader, intuitive is actually your superpower.  

Be patient and curious about the messages and “hunches” that show up for you. (Trust them even if they happen to show up immediately too!). Most importantly, be sure to write any and all intuitive impulses  down in your journal as they come to you.

If you feel called to reach out to an old colleague, for example, write it down and then DO IT!


Step 4: Contact Those Who Can Help You

To that point, the steps that will come to you will represent actions to be taken. Most often these actions will be about who to connect with and connect to.

You can’t make your dream career real on your own…

When you feel guided to connect and reach out, do so and make sure you’re connecting with the right people… those whom you know already and can help you move towards your goal even if you can’t see the direct path quite yet.

Perhaps  you have peers in common that would make valuable connections.

Fabulous. They can introduce you!

As for what to do if you want to connect with someone who you don’t know and don’t have friends in common?  Still follow your instincts anyway and reach out to those individuals yourself. Let them know why you’ve always wanted to work in their industry and find out if they’d be willing to share more about their company.

If they’re willing to connect you can find out about the culture at their organization and the type of people they’re looking for.  From there ask how your own skills and experience could be of value  and whether they expect any hiring to happen in the future.  

Yes… that’s a BOLD move but it can be really effective for those to take the “risk”.


Step 5: Focus and Manifestation

Ultimately, step five requires that you remain focused on your vision, and what you’re doing RIGHT NOW to make it happen.

So often women want to create something else. They long for it. And then they stay focused on that longing instead of the action.

Manifesting is about visualization and focus…and it’s about action.

Each and every day, make a point of taking one step closer towards your dream career.

For example, contact someone from the list you made earlier and suggest having a meeting or a coffee together. The next day, read a few articles about the goal you’re striving towards, and jot down new actions that can make your dream a reality.

These five steps are simple and they’re likely much different than what you’re used to when it comes to making your dreams real but they work.  They work to call forward deep clarity about your dream career looks like and they help open you up to the actions you need to take to call it in.

Remember, even though your “dream career” feels very  much like a dream today, when you keep it real in your heart as and take consistent steps to move you forward as they 5 steps invite you to, that dream will happen. Your dream career will be made real.

“ If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

– William Arthur Ward

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