Veza Global can support all aspects of your transformation to embed EDI and build a more inclusive culture in your organization by creating custom solutions and resources: including EDI committee creation, inclusive leadership coaching, workshops, employer branding, and curriculum creation.

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Our Advisory Services

Veza Global supports your organization by facilitating conversations to ensure the EDI lens is brought to the table and accounted for. We create custom solutions and resources to help you embed EDI through:

  • Board strategy
  • EDI committee creation & facilitation
  • Employer branding
  • Executive committees
  • Industry-level change management
  • Leadership coaching
  • Employee resources
  • Workshops

*Cost is dependent on the advisory program tailored to each organization’s needs.

Starting at: $2000 USD/ Month 

Veza Focuses on Addressing Systemic Barriers to Economic Equity

“Leaders walk on eggshells when it comes to diversity. 20 years of experience has shown us that leaders steer clear of these tough conversations partly because they have never been taught how to have these conversations.”- Dr. Michael Welp, Co-founder of White Men as Full Diversity Partners

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The Good Awards

The Good Awards

We are so excited to announce that Veza Global is amongst the 20 finalists for the BC Business The Business of Good Awards!  The second annual Business of Good Awards highlights the achievements of B.C.organizations for their involvement in social responsibility....

The Equitable Database

The Equitable Database

The Equitable Database is a database where Veza Global will connect people who are underrepresented, marginalized and racialized who are seeking employment opportunities and business owners/employers who are looking to diversify their candidate pool.

When Leadership is Complacent

When Leadership is Complacent

What do you do when you want leadership to take action but they’re being complacent? What do you do when you’re asking for them to take a stand and they say nothing? In 2020, we saw people asking for change to happen. We saw people who were looking for organizations...

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