Become an Inclusive Community Member

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Veza Global is here to support your organization with resources you may find helpful when navigating through everyday business with an equitable, diverse and inclusive lens.

Veza uses the term Inclusive Community Member as opposed to Allyship because when someone calls themselves an ally without the acknowledgement from the community, they are using their privilege and imposing themselves rather than being invited in.

What Does it Mean to be an Inclusive Community Member?

The best way to become an Inclusive Community Member is to educate yourself and those around you on the different identities and life experiences of marginalized and racialized communities. Think of it as a spectrum. Some people may express themselves by joining activist movements, while others will express themselves by acknowledging their privilege and listening to the thoughts and sentiments of the communities who have been marginalized and racialized. Being an Inclusive Community Member takes time and care when learning the stories and experiences of different communities and can mean a lot to them.


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Inclusive team members sitting around a table conversing

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