Throughout the month of February, the veza blog and social media feeds have looked a little different.

Over the past 28 days, we’ve been celebrating and showcasing leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds, industries and occupations. Women who are are living their dreams and making a difference in their communities as #leadersofveza. We’ve received such an overwhelming, positive response that it felt right to pause and tell you a bit about this initiative and why we created it:

The premise is pretty simple. We wanted to create an opportunity to celebrate the “Everyday Leaders” in our community. Not just those who are featured in the media. There are so many amazing women who won’t necessarily make it into newspapers or magazines, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing extraordinary things each and every day.

These everyday heroes embody the fact that we ALL do amazing things that other people may not know about, simply because our stories aren’t shared publicly.

We all have stories to tell; great journeys that have brought us to where we are now, and these stories need to be celebrated. We can learn from each others’ experiences, and in turn, we can teach others from the wealth of knowledge that only we have to offer.

This is why the leaders of veza feature has been so important for us. And why we’re so thrilled to know how many people it’s touched so far.

If you missed the #leadersofveza series we invite you to go back and read! Be inspired by the phenomenal work of these women, reach out to them to learn more, and be reminded of the truth—that you can be a leader in whatever it is you do, whatever your path.

And, if you’ve been following along, stay tuned!

We’ll continue to introduce you to more #leadersofveza! If you know a leader we should feature please invite her to share her story with us.