Connected Leadership is built on the foundation of connecting with self, community and globally. A connected leader has high self worth, confidence, speaks their mind, balance feminine and masculine leadership traits, while overcoming culturally influences to making impact globally.

The Connected Leader is the person who is the best version of themselves. They understand that the imposter syndrome creeps in, they understand that little voice in their head can be so strong and tell them what they want isn’t possible and they know that they have a lot to offer.

This leader leads from the heart and uses mindfulness to bring the balance of intuition, brains and heart to their day to day. This leader understands the power of trusting their intuition to engage the best talent on their team while exceeding their goals and they know this is done through a growth mindset grounded in a community of like minded individuals who support, coach and propel each other forward.

Veza developed the Connected Leader Transformation model based on over ten years of coaching people with culturally diverse backgrounds and discovering time and time again that there were six common themes for both men and women that were the pillars to their success. These themes were:

  • Self-worth
  • Connection
  • Voice
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Impact

Each of these pillars add to the strong foundation for a leadership who is creating the maximum impact that they desire to make.

The Connected Leadership Incubator is a 6 month think-tank for leaders who are looking to have a deeper discovery into themselves so they can create more change and impact in the world. In this incubator there will be a men (and those who identify as men) cohort and a women (and those who identify as women) cohort. This 6 month intensive will be a game changer for those who are looking at that next promotion, starting/growing their business or stepping into a new role. Once the 6 months ends with a 3 day leadership retreat including some very cool experiences, all participants will continue as a part of the community where there will be guest speakers and coaching time.

To learn more and register for the program, http://vezaglobal.com/connected-leadership-incubator/

Special early bird pricing is in effect until January 31st where you save up to $1000 and plus receive VIP for the price of regular pricing.