The fire inside you burns. The fire that you try to swat away at and decrease it but the fire continues. It may simmer for short periods of time but you are aware that it is still present within you.

The fire is your calling. The fire is what you truly desire to create in this world.

It makes you feel unsettled. It makes you feel like something is missing within you. Something more is awaiting you.

Can you feel that fire within you?

Do you feel your soul calling you to something deeper? Something greater?

What is that fire telling you? What do you need to do to nurture and tame that fire into creating what your soul desires?

What dreams have been calling you that you can’t shake? Are those dreams telling you your next steps?

Are you willing, ready and committed to taking those steps now?

Are you ready to make that deep commitment to yourself to listen to your soul’s fire?

Take one action towards that fire today. Let me know what step you took. Just that one action puts your creation into action.

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