EDI Audits

Veza Global conducts an in-depth performance audit using surveys and focus groups of your team members to analyze your organization’s policies, practices, and outcomes to identify gaps and areas for improvement. From this review process, we develop a roadmap for you to implement a comprehensive strategy to embed EDI across your organization. We will identify key initiatives to support your team to improve its methods, evolve its culture, and foster buy-in at every level. 

Our EDI Audits

An in-depth performance audit that includes surveys and focus groups to analyze your organization’s policies, practices, and outcomes to identify recommendations for improvement. Through our audits, we analyze all of human resources and marketing documents and give actionable recommendations to implement with your existing strategies.

*Cost is dependent on the size of the organization and depth of the audit.

Starting at: $5000 USD

Veza Focuses on Addressing Systemic Barriers to Economic Equity

“Good leadership requires you to surround yourself with people of diverse perspectives who can disagree with you without fear of retaliation.” ~Doris Kearns Goodwin, Pulitzer Prize-winning presidential historian, public speaker, author

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The Good Awards

The Good Awards

We are so excited to announce that Veza Global is amongst the 20 finalists for the BC Business The Business of Good Awards!  The second annual Business of Good Awards highlights the achievements of B.C.organizations for their involvement in social responsibility....

The Equitable Database

The Equitable Database

The Equitable Database is a database where Veza Global will connect people who are underrepresented, marginalized and racialized who are seeking employment opportunities and business owners/employers who are looking to diversify their candidate pool.

When Leadership is Complacent

When Leadership is Complacent

What do you do when you want leadership to take action but they’re being complacent? What do you do when you’re asking for them to take a stand and they say nothing? In 2020, we saw people asking for change to happen. We saw people who were looking for organizations...

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