Some aspects of our lives come more easily than others. We find it easy to be fulfilled through those areas, as we get rewarded for the effort we put in. We are able to do what it takes to truly gain success in those areas. Other areas that are a struggle require more focus and attention to get traction.

As we try to bring more fulfillment into our lives, here are some things I am reminded of:

  1. According to the Wheel of Life exercise, we can only be truly fulfilled as the lowest area on the wheel of life.
  2. Some women find career a lot easier to focus on, others find relationships with others to bring the greatest satisfaction, and others still get more out of exercise above other parts of the wheel – it is usually a few select areas that they find easier to master and feel fulfilled in.
  3. The areas that they are not fulfilled in, they have been struggling at and now feel frustrated with.

So as I write this, I am feeling the need to share a key question that will allow you to feel more fulfilled. It is simple, “What do I need to do or be in order to be more fulfilled in the _____ area of my life?”

That’s it, you may be thinking. Yes, you have the answer within yourself. Sometimes you may have a blind spot or need to work with a coach to develop a plan and see the blind spot but really that is it. Ask yourself on a consistent basis this question and see what miracles occur.

Yes, miracles can occur from a simple question. You are opening your mind up to new possibilities, new way of doing things and a new way of approaching life.

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