Many times it is our own mind that prevents us from being happy and having the life we want. We stay in our minds because we don’t want to listen to the answer that our heart is giving us.

This state of internal conflict and confusion creates a level of unrest within us and an environment of inner hostility, anger, and in the end, moves us further away from joy than ever before.

It is the feeling that there is an heaviness that needs to be cut through.   It is as if you were tied to others through your lower abdomen and feeling like you are being dragged along with what others want . This feeling is blocking you from being able to capture and engage with what you want and need which will ultimately let your soul  flourish.

The heaviness gets so much that it becomes unbearable. You are feeling restless and at unease the entire time. You know there is something better.

When you are in this state it is important to go within. Go to the place within yourself that nurtures and nourishes you. The place where you feel at home even though it may have been a while since you visited.

The place we call your heart. The place from which  all love and connection stems.The place where you lead from when you are in your feminine power. The place where you light lives.

The heart is the seed of all things magnificent and in order for the seeds to grow and flourish, it needs attention, support through aligned action, and a sense of deeper connection.

It is from this place that we move from being in our own way, to being aligned to our path. It is from here  twe move towards happiness, taking actions that align fully with our intentions, and walking the path which allows for or a greater outcome than you could have even imagined or requested…

It is from this path that leaders are born. Their secret is that they listen and nurture their hearts.

Be that leader now.

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