I have loved my personal development journey! I always thought it started in 1999 but it really started when I was 5 years old. I was blessed (now I see it that way) to have to deal with an auto-immune disease when I was 5 years old but that lead me to start the relationship with my body, how others perceive me and self-love.

Over the last few years I have intensely been in this personal development journey. The internal battle and not having the outcomes I want, life throwing curveballs at me and having the most amazing experiences. It has been quite a journey to say the least.

A few months I realized I was done sitting in the spiritual world, meditating all day and looking at what else I needed to change about myself and my life. I was fed up with doing all this personal development work.

I realized I was escaping to the spiritual aspects of myself where I had created an imbalance in other aspects of my life. Many a times we will escape to the place that feels the safest and we feel the most in control so we don’t have to face reality. Where have you been escaping to?

I escaped to work too. I love working. Yes I am a workaholic. It makes me so happy when I see a project complete or I see an impact on making someone else happy. It brings me so much joy to strategize…as you can see I love it.

It is now time for action. Time to create a life that was based on a vision I created for myself years ago. I realized I had been implementing it all along but wasn’t fully present to it because I kept finding things wrong with it. Now I turned to gratitude and I can truly see how the vision I created for myself is showing up in my life.

I want to help you create that vision and actualize it too.

Join me on August 24th at 6pm for a free training: “Creating your ideal 3 year vision.” Register for the call here: http://vezacommunity.com/work-with-me/connecting/events/3yearvision/