Success Stories

Past Experiences

Veza has worked with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, UN Women, the City of Vancouver, University of British Columbia, HR Tech Group, Immigrant Employers Council of BC, Blenz Coffee, 7-Eleven, Terramera, and many other technology companies and non-profit organizations.

“The audit report is very rich and the feedback was very detailed; directed to each process we gave them. It will help us immensely as we build our strategy”

Jan Lashiley

HR VP of Ballard

“Manpreet and the team at Veza helped us take the ASCEND project from concept to a dynamic and interactive solution for the challenges of keeping immigrants from finding work that makes full use of their skills. Veza brought innovative approaches that serve to help immigrants and employers overcome the long-standing and complex issue of underemployment of immigrants in Canada.”

Patrick Mackenzie

Immigrant Employers Council of BC

“Manpreet and Veza led the cultural and diversity aspect of the Vancouver Police Department’s successful Pipe Band tour of India. Manpreet through her strong leadership and communication skills widened our team’s understanding and empathy for the cross-cultural experience of the woman from very diverse backgrounds. Our Pipe Band team’s perspective for inclusion and acceptance greatly benefited us upon our return to Canada.”

Adam Palmer

Chief Vancouver Police and Steve Rai, Deputy Chief Vancouver Police

“We partnered with Veza to create our Diversity & Inclusion Resource Hub and we couldn’t be happier with the result!  The team created a world-class resource library for companies and leaders who are looking to create change. Veza went above and beyond, even creating content at times, to fill in resource gaps. This is a collaborative, professional, and talented team!

Through our Diversity & Inclusion Tech Project, the Veza team has also provided diversity audits to tech companies. Through these audits, companies are receiving specific, practical and strategic recommendations for building more diverse and inclusive workplaces. Veza is helping to impact real change in our industry.”

Stephanie Hollingshead

CEO, HR Tech Group

Past Experiences Include:

  • Consulting on gender diversity recruitment plans for UN-affiliated organization, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
  • Providing D&I Audits and creating a HUB of best practices for a province wide project with HRTECH Group
  • Developing blended learning courses with Immigrant Employers Council of BC (in-person and online) for skilled immigrants as they moved through their employment settlement journey in Canada
  • Developing a human resource strategy for OPCW that supported diverse and inclusive cultures especially gender equality
  • Developing a mentorship program for UN Women Georgia executed country wide
  • Developing a recruitment plan for hiring diverse talent in tech both at an industry level and at an organizational level
  • Creating a translation framework for the City of Vancouver to extend various projects to all audiences 

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ASCEND ( Applied Skills Curriculum to Empower Newcomer Development)  is an employment readiness program by the Immigration Employment Council of British Columbia (IEC-BC). The IEC-BC teamed up with Veza Global to launch a specialized and interactive programme to teach newcomers to Canada the key soft skills Canadian employers look for in hiring.