In the last 6 months, I realized one of my career goals of contributing to an international organization, living/traveling everywhere and anywhere, meeting family and friends in different parts of the world, making new friends and reinforcing old friendships. I sold my beautiful apartment to moving in with family and sharing a room with my parents. I volunteered for an organization, didn’t make that much money while I invested heavily in my business and my personal development. As I end the 6 months, set off to travel back home I felt like sharing what I learned in this time.

It meant learning a lot about myself…

*Be open to surprises, magic and feeling of excitement and uncomfortableness

*We are lonely when we aren’t connected to ourselves

*The grounding comes from within not from people and places

*Relationships will change when you step outside the day to day. Some close relationships drifted apart while others became closer. It will make me sad, I will cry but the focus needs to remain on those who are around and who are supporting me

*I thought I had finished grieving the loss of a job, loss of my brother, loss of a close friendship, loss of my identity, loss of my career and who I used to be but I hadn’t. It’s an ongoing process as the grief doesn’t end as we are everchangjng. We constantly create a new normal.

*social media is not the way to maintain relationships. Yes, people knew what was going on but it all depends on what we share. Real relationships are maintained through regular, quality conversations either on the phone or in-person

*I give way too much in many relationships and not enough in others. I may have codependency patterns in many relationships that once addressed dramatically shifted my self love

*I made some decisions in the past few years and in particular in the last year in regards to my career which I regret how I acted, how I showed up and needed to communicate what I wanted and how I wanted it to look. I need to exercise self-value and clarity in what I want from life as that is only how others can give it to me

*I need to forgive myself and have compassion for how I showed up, judgements, and I acted. I also need to accept my strengths, how I contribute to others and the love I have for others

*I feel guilty for how I pushed people away because I was so scared of being loved, of how they accepted me and how they knew my ugly sides and still loved me. I was wrong and needed to accept their love.

*My communication needs to be improved so I can create more heart felt connections in my life, allow for more intimate connections and create stronger relationships

*5 concussions do have side effects that need to be dealt with. There is serious impact of concussions that need focused time, space and energy to heal.

*I am multi- passionate and know that I can contribute hugely to the world. It’s time to simplify, pick the important topic, focus and really focus on creating a stronger foundation for myself though my health, actively start dating and thinking long term what life I want.

*I am whole, complete and perfect as I am. Life is a growing process. Because I am open with my shortcomings, actually shows my strength and my willingness to be a better person. In the past few weeks, I have heard comments that people who do personal development or focus on improving themselves there is something wrong with them, the truth is they are open to a better way of living as they want to experience life to the fullest, they want to learn about themselves so they can be a better person in every relationship.

The last 6 months was fun but now it’s time to look for full time opportunities aligned to my purpose as I grow my business. I want to contribute more in this world and know I can do that in various ways and either in an organization or on my own. Does this mean I failed as an entrepreneur, hell no. This is the most successful I have been. It’s time to amp up different aspects of my life that I feel called too.