How to become more bold at work? How to be bold in life? These are questions many of us have. When we think of boldness, we usually think of someone doing something big or being loud. But boldness isn’t about grand gestures. It means being willing to take some risks and be confident. It means owning your self-worth.

Every time we deny ourselves boldness, we cede our space. We limit our growth and potential for impact. We often find ourselves accepting situations that don’t feel right for us. We might hide our gifts out of fear of being seen or judged.

“Fortune favours the bold.”

So don’t hold yourself back. Be bolder.

There are lots of little ways we can be more bold in our day-to-day lives. Here are five you can start experimenting with today.

1. Stay true to your values.

It’s knowing what to fight for and what can slide. First, learn what your key values are. Then use them as a guiding light to determine what’s acceptable for you and what’s not.

2. Enforce your boundaries.

Often, being bold means refusing to betray yourself to please others. When you know what’s right for you, but it is scary to speak up, it means you need to say something. You don’t need to do this publicly to “be bold.” Pull someone aside if you’re not comfortable sharing in front of the group or in a meeting – just make sure you are heard by the person who needs to hear you.

3. Put yourself forward.

Consistently put yourself in situations that push you to grow. Take on that big project – and don’t feel like you need to be completely ready for it! If you wait until you have 100% of the experience to do something, you wouldn’t do anything until you’d already done it. Stretching yourself is the best way to ensure you keep developing your skills. Be brave! 

4. Try something different.

Much like putting yourself forward, you need to step out of your comfort zone in life more generally. Trying things you’ve never done before will help remind you that failure (or just plain ol’ really sucking at something you’re new at) is a part of life. It’ll help you feel more comfortable with taking risks and keep you in a growth mindset too. 

5. Embrace your uniqueness.

We all have unique things about ourselves and some of us have been teased or excluded because of them. If you’re afraid to stand out, even trying something as simple as introducing an accessory or colour to your wardrobe that feels “bold” can help you break out of that limiting mindset.

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