Easter and spring are a time for rebirth, letting the old die while the new becomes alive and present in our lives. It is a time where we reflect on what is making us feel heavy, weighed down and feeling stuck especially as we are in the time where there is an eclipse this weekend as well. At this time, we are in a place where we uncover aspects of ourselves that have forgotten, we discover new thoughts/ideas/hobbies as well really re-birth and re-emerge as better versions of ourselves.

How does this all help with your journey to love, connection and success?

It let’s go of the crap! Yes, all that stuff that really does not help you along the way, the stuff does not push you forward but pulls you back, the stuff that makes you frustrated/upset or angry.

The clearer and lighter you are, the more you will move forward in life with ease, joy and grace. You will feel you are more centered, aligned to what is your truth and your reality and feel that life is happening for you not to you. Yes, life is happening for you. It is possible that everything that is happening is happening to bring you to a better place overall in life. It is helping you be happier and enjoy your journey in the long run as things will be easier. It may not make sense of why you are “suffering” and you might be angry to why it feels like God isn’t on your side, but he/she is. God is supporting you in a way that will allow you to learn big lessons so that you can move to a better place in life. I hope this rebirthing now makes sense to you.