Why goals don’t work (and moving past the upper limit)

By: Manpreet Dhillon

We can do all the goal setting and planning in the world, yet without accountability we fail. Yes, accountability. The piece that makes you take responsibility for taking inspired actions and sticking to forward movement.

I know you know what you are doing. You are amazing. You have gotten where you have gotten to with no help at all. Hmmm..what is happening now? Sometimes we hit our upper limit and we need to find a new way to do what we have always done. The new perspective will shift the upper limit to a new level. (A really great book about the upper limit is “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks). An upper limit can hit the best of us. I know you have the career you wanted. You have the partner or are dating with a clear idea. You live the life that you truly wanted to live. Yet, you are frustrated and feel like it isn’t enough. Every time you take an action towards the one thing you really want, something happens to throw a wrench in the way. It may seem like external, yet it is very likely that you manifested a way to stay comfortable so you don’t have to truly live the life that you really, really want and follow your heart’s desire, because it doesn’t make sense. It is easier to stay doing what you are doing….ta da upper limit reached.

It sucks being uncomfortable. It sucks losing long-term friends because you no longer connect. You want to start that business, yet you are comfortable in your job and need/want the steady paycheque. It sucks to move to a new city where your heart has been calling you to, yet it doesn’t make sense. It sucks, yet you know it makes your soul happy to be aligned. It makes you feel happy and alive that you grew as a person – you saw a new way of life and you are having the experiences that make you sing.

When we are uncomfortable is when we may stop working towards the goals that we really, truly want to reach in our lives. This is when accountability is key. Find an accountability partner (usually best when it is not a family member or close friend) who you can be truly honest with and they can be honest with you as they have no vested interest in the outcome other than cheering on your success. When you share your successes with the right people, they magnify the energy of bringing closer what you are being pulled towards. Sharing your challenges with the right people allows you to vent and find a new perspective. As you move towards being uncomfortable, find someone whom you feel safe being uncomfortable with.

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