You are worthy.

By Manpreet Dhillon

76% of women experience imposter syndrome at some point, so you are not alone. Today is a reminder that you are important. You have amazing skills and you are the leader you imagined to be.

Embody what your worth is.

In the last week, I had a few conversations with these amazing women who provide so much value, have done amazing work and are powerful contributors, saying “I don’t know how I got here or why I am here” and “I don’t know if I am providing value to the organization or team.”

Personally, I wanted to shake them and storm them to a mirror to show them their amazingness or have some of their colleagues call them and tell them how amazing they are. Instead, I took a breath and remembered that whatever I say doesn’t matter. They need to feel their own value, their own worth and they have own their own gifts, talents and strengths. They need to validate themselves instead of receiving external validation.

The easy thing for me to do was to start telling them how I thought they were so amazing and at the right time, I do that. I also know that will make them feel good for a little, they may remember it and refer back to it yet the true power is them believing it in their cells, their entire being and knowing it in their heart with unshakeable faith.

So this may sound like someone else in your life or it may be you. As I mentioned, imposter syndrome hits many of us (76% of women – wow!), so what is the best way to support someone who is feeling anything less than their amazingness?

Here are a few tips I have provided them:

1. Ask them to tell you all the reasons why they are amazing and why others think they are amazing. They need to remember this and hear themselves say it. I would go as far as tell them to record it on their phone so they can replay it back for themselves whenever they need to hear it.

2. Create a timeline of the successes and achievements that they are proud of. As they reflect on each success and achievement, ask the question “who was I in this moment or to achieve this?” and “what did I believe about myself and others while I moved towards this milestone?” This timeline should be added to daily for at least 21 days. At the end you will have a long list of achievements that you can reflect back to and a long list of evidence of your amazingness.

3. Review and embody the traits that have allowed them to achieve success before. Tell them to review this list daily for a month until they feel completely familiar with it. As they are reviewing the list, tell them to breathe it into their cells and every aspect of their body.

Please let us know what other techniques you use to battle the imposter syndrome and we can share the collective wisdom so we start to manage this feeling.

If you want to dig into where your feelings of unworthiness come from and how you can rewire your brain to feel more worthy and confident, sign up for a complimentary coaching consult here. 


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